Our Featured Projects

University Village At The University Of Illinois - Chicago

New Frontier partnered with the South Campus Redevelopment Team to create a 68-acre, mixed-use site for the University of Illinois-Chicago. The university began planning the project as early as October 1996 as part of their South Campus Master Plan. By 2001, the project was named University Village and it included housing and retail developments. The entire site (as well as the surrounding neighborhood) was re-developed into a mix of townhouses, midrise residences, dormitories, dining and shopping. The estimated $700 million dollar project helped generate new jobs for the city's residents as well as additional developments on Chicago’s Near West Side. Click the video above to see an overview of University Village.

Hay Edwards photo

Hay-Edwards School Rehabilitation Project

In 2002, New Frontier was hired to develop and oversee the structural re-purposing of the historic Hay-Edwards School in Springfield, Illinois. The 61,000 square foot building was completely renovated both inside and outside at an estimated cost of $9 million dollars. The grade school was converted into offices thus saving the building from being demolished while providing the school district with considerable savings.

The Sangamo Electric Conversion Project

Sangamo Electric was originally built as the Illinois Watch Co, in 1870. Both entities were long-serving manufacturing hubs for Central Illinois. In the 1990s, New Frontier was hired to lead the rehabilitation of the abandoned 350,000 square foot plant at an estimated cost of $32 million dollars. Converting the plant into offices for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was a major undertaking and the job took several years to complete. The project successfully opened in 1994.

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